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Microfibers (which includes Nova and Ultrasuede®) releases stains easily.  Regular vacuuming with a soft upholstery attachment and occasional brush such as a nylon lint brush will keep Microfiber looking crisp and new.


Microfibers (including Nova and Ultrasuede®) Care

General Maintenance 

Spot Cleaning

Before applying and cleaner, remove excess wet stain by absorbing with a clean cloth.  For dry residue, brush lightly and vacuum.  Lightly applying and removing ScotchÒ tape will often pick up surface dirt.

Cleaning Procedure

1.   Select the appropriate cleaner from the chart on back.

2.  Wet a small area of a clean terry cloth towel or a sponge with the cleaner and dab it onto the stain.

3.  Blot up the cleaner and the stain with a clean cloth towel.

4.  Repeat the dabbing and blotting as necessary.  If the stain has been allowed to dry, it may take more than one application for the cleaner to dissolve the stain.

5.  DO NOT RUB AGGRESSIVELY. Let the cleaner dissolve the stain, then wipe it up with a clean towel.

6.  After using a soap solution or vinegar/water, follow by dabbing and blotting with cold water to remove residual soap or vinegar.

Other care and cleaning tips:

If a ring develops after the stain is gone, rewet the spot with the appropriate cleaner and lightly brush or “feather out” the edges as the spot dries.  The drying process can be accelerated with a hair dryer on a warm (low) setting.


Attend to spots as soon as possible.  Don’t wait for stubborn stains to build up.


Removable cushions and slipcovers can be machine washed on gentle cycle using WooliteÒ in cold water followed by a cold rinse.  Tumble dry-air only or allow to air dry over night.  Lightly brush the suede after it has dried completely to restore the nap.


We recommend using a wet (cold water) extraction technique to remove large or stubborn stains and for overall cleaning.  Professional house cleaners provide this service or the equipment can be purchased or rented. 

Click the following links for more information on furniture care:

To Remove Stains:

1.  Select the appropriate cleaner according on the chart to the right.

2.  Begin with the cleaner listed first and allow spot to dry.

3.  If stain remains, proceed to the next recommended cleaner.


Coffee, Tea, Milk

Juice, Soft Drinks  

Wine, Beer


Catsup, Chocolate

Cooking Oil,  Mayonnaise

Crayon,  Lipstick          



Body Oils

Furniture Polish, Ink

Grease, Shoe Polish, Motor Oil  


1.  Cold to lukewarm water, never hot.

2.  Mix one teaspoon of a mild soap (Woolite®, Joy®, Ivory Liquid®, or Tide® powder) to a pint of cold or warm water.

3.  Pure white vinegar mixed 50/50 with water.  Use vinegar full strength for stubborn stains.

4.  A petroleum distillate such as mineral spirits or naphtha.

5.  A dry cleaning solvent such as perchloroethylene, K2R®, or Blue Coral® “Dri-Clean” Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner (in the clear plastic bottle with the spray trigger).


NOTE: Exercise proper care when using solvents or solvent cleaners.  Some solvents are flammable.  Read and follow manufacturer’s directions on labels.  Use with adequate ventilation.  Wear protective gloves.

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